Sunday, March 7, 2010

New Day New Blog, Cooch Magooch

Let me start off by introducing myself to the blogging world. Never expected this. I hardly have time but hey fuck it why not right? I get to show you guys what I think about the world out there and show you some juicy stuff, YES juicy cuz that's what I like. Hopefully I interest you guys to various things. Im going to post as much as possible and update at school and at home. Just have to get myself a camera.

Anyway, this first post is about Dimepiece Designs. Yes dimepiece. The infamous juicy steetwear brand that is not tack tack at all! They recently collabed with joyrich la and their grand opening in Japan.

May I say, I wish I could have gone to japan. The dimepiece ladies went to a strip club and this is the summarization of what went on. Cooch Magooch


Any fellas wanna go to Japan now?

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